In our world, momentum is an essential part of survival. And I don’t mean that in literal terms… momentum might be one of the most important things that keep people’s passion up. While this write-up is specifically targeted towards software developers (traditional students, bootcampers and grads), the lessons can be beneficial to those outside the tech field.

momentum is a product of mass and velocity

In physics, momentum is an important part of Newton’s second law of motion which states that “the time rate of change of momentum of a body is equal to the force acting on that body.” This might sound too technical for some people…

This is one story that I’ve thought a lot about before I “qualified” to be remotely close to anywhere near a full-stack developer. In the build up to the commencement of my program at Flatiron school, I relished and also became a little pumped about the fact that in just under four months, I’d have had sufficient fundamental concepts required to be called as one. …

As a tech newbie, you’re often drawn to think about what apps could be the coolest to develop or build your career upon. These thoughts often end up leaning towards questions about what the future holds for the current platforms through which people access the web. From findings made to better understand some of these concepts, I’ve seen that these questions do not have a definitive answer and as such, mostly comes down to finding a middle ground upon understanding the pros and cons of each platform.

Web Apps:

Web apps are built almost entirely of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5…

Welcome to my third post on the series 😎! It’s only week 8 of 15 but feels like I’ve been at Flatiron for ages already. In this post, I’ll be touching on the trio of HTML, JS and the DOM, partly because it’s one of the areas I thought could be easily misunderstood by developers in training.

The trio (along with CSS for styling) constitute what’s known as the front end of web applications… the part where the user communicates with the app. While the trio almost always go together, I’ll like to introduce them in parts:

HTML (HyperText Markup…

For my second writeup in the software development series, I’d like to give some personal insights into what might be the most central concept to web applications development: the MVC structure. I’ll be giving some level of analogy as to how apps function using relatable real-life illustrations. I’d like to also say that the points expounded in this post wouldn’t be an in-depth analysis of everything MVC; think of it as an attempt to scratch the surface of an integral part of web apps development.

If you’re an outsider looking in, I know you’re definitely wondering: What is MVC? Well…

Before I go into this story, I’d first like to welcome you to my medium page where I’ll be sharing my experience in the world of software development. This is going to go on for as long as it will so feel free to follow for updates upon new releases.

As a young kid growing up in Nigeria, I first heard of the word programmer when I was in elementary school. It didn’t make much sense to me of course but I was told they write a set of computer instructions.

“What is instructions?,” I’d ask in my mind. I…

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